About Me – Merridy

After early retirement from a long teaching career in South Australia I returned to the Hunter Valley where I had grown up.

With the help of a resourceful agent I eventually found the perfect house in my dream location, the village of Morpeth. Although the house was built about twenty years ago the upstairs had never been completed which meant that I had a clean slate to install bathrooms and to decorate as I chose. The layout of the house also pleased me because it allowed for guests to have private access with the stairwell between each suite.

The idea of having a B&B was exciting but as a former teacher I was unsure if my skills were transferable so I enrolled in a course (as all teachers do!!!!). The presenter said at the outset “Leave now if you don’t like people and cleaning!!” I may not “love” cleaning but I love people so I guessed I was on the right track and it was worth a try.

In January 2006 I moved in and commenced renovations. One year later in February 2007 I opened with full council approval and huge thanks to an ingenious and understanding builder.

Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to teach in England, the Middle East and Asia so over the years my array of collectables has increased. These include books, a baby grand in the guest dining room, paintings, prints and other “bits”, all of which I am happy to share with visitors.

More recently in 2010 I married Michael, the perfect co host. His skills are many but his special gifts are culinary.

As well as all the little things accommodation should offer the guest, comfortable beds, generous breakfasts etc we believe people appreciate personal attention and seek somewhere out of the ordinary.

I’d like my guests to remember their stay for immaculately clean, comfortable and stylish facilities, great fresh food, privacy, personal attention and all the little things, a welcoming smile, a hand with your bags, complimentary port and chocolates and a sense of feeling special on departure.

Almost seven years down the track I have to say I really enjoy having a “bed and breakfast” . The highlight of the experience is however, not about me but

about you – my guests.